Dog Park – Gurple at Play


Gurple the Purple Dragon spent the weekend playing with friends at the dog park.

Gurple loves to run and jump with her playful friends, these four, four legged friends enjoyed the game of fetch with Gurple.

Would you like to see Gurple the Purple Dragon in a special environment, please feel free to comment or send a note to her at


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Gone Fishing with Gurple


Gurple the Purple Dragon has gone fishing, with a few friends. Why not tag along with Gurple as she explores the open waters.

“Fishing you say” these three cats are up for the challenge, lets see what they come up with in the next couple of weeks.

Grey cat has total confidence in Gurple and her swimming abilities, she’s taking a snooze as Gurple glides through the open waters.

If you would like to meet Gurple, she will be on display at the Calgary NW “Judith Umbach” library until the end of September.

Would you like a greeting card or print of Gurple? Please contact

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Gurple loves her FAN of Peacock feathers


Gurple the Purple Dragon has been hiding out this past week, we’ve missed YOU.

Wishing you a FANtastic weekend!

If you would like to purchase or visit Gurple please contact us at


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What’s Up, Gurple harvesting Carrots

1-Gurple by Susan Fae and Harvest

Gurple the Purple Dragon harvests her garden carrots. Amazing how her garden friends have popped up all around her, Gurple’s Ears have become a little rabbit like wouldn’t you say?

Gurple’s garden is the best place to be, she can work, socialize and snacks are so conveniently close.

Please invite Gurple into your classroom or community to develop stories around her or your colourful characters.

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Beet the Rush, Gurple loves Purple

1-Beets with Gurple the Purple

Gurple the Purple Dragon loves Purple. Ever wonder how Gruple got to be so purple? Well, I think her parents must have feed her a lot of BEETS when she was a baby.

While harvesting her garden, not one beet made it into winter storage, she laid on her back in the garden soil and gobbled up the BEETS! Yum, nothing like PURPLE food. So delicious.

If you like the colour purple tell Gurple the Purple Dragon why. She’d love to hear from you.

Need a friend for your classroom or visitor let us know we’ll come by for story time.

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Go Nuts! Gurple’s Fall collection

1-Harvest Walnuts with Gurple

Gurple the Purple Dragon has a chipmunk friend, helping collect nuts for the winter. Chipmunks are amazing at stuffing their mouths with nuts and then storing them in their underground homes. Watch this video.

Though Gurple doesn’t need to store food for the winter, she loves roasted nuts as a snack and will share with her friends when they come to visit.

Happy Harvesting. Back at school? Well, if you ever need a break, Gurple the Purple Dragon would love to come and visit, she loves making new friends. for greeting cards and posters of Gurple.

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You Are the Apple of Gurple’s eye

1-Gurple Apple of my eye susan fae

Gurple the Purple Dragon is preparing for Fall, she is Harvesting her edible garden.

Gurple loves to garden, she has made many friends working in her garden, some have even come to help out with the Harvest. Stay tuned for this weeks Harvest theme with friends.

Please feel free to order prints and or greeting cards of Gurple in action by sending me a message to


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Gurple sings in the Choir

1-Gurple Sings in the Choir by Susan Fae Art

Gurple the Purple Dragon isn’t use to sharing the page with friends, she squished herself into a group portrait with her choir, singing “DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD”.Ha not really but they are singing.

Gurple would like to start school soon, what should she prepare for; clothing, books, computer, transportation? Please let me know if she would be accepted into your school, and if so what should she bring?

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Gurple plays her fancy keyboard

1-Piano girl Gurple by Susan Fae Art

Gurple the Purple Dragon is so versatile, she changed her Dragon tail into a piano, or keyboard. She’d love to play with the orchestra but her talents lie more in the Jazzy improv area (so she thinks).

Gurple needs to practice more often if she wishes to grow her music skills. See what her choice is tomorrow as she finishes her week of music.

Please send Gurple a message she’d love to chat. Gurple visits classrooms, the students help her find new friends and develop new talents.


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Cymbals – Played by Gurple

1-Gurple by Susan Fae with musical instruments

Gurple the Purple Dragon is bursting with excitement!

Today she looks like a dancing conductor orchestrating a beautiful sunny day. Gurple is playing the Cymbals which create attention when clashed together. The Maraca in her tail rattles just before the big Sparkling clash of the Cymbals.

Gurple’s bright Peacock feathered wings add to the Wednesday party mood. I hope that you get a chance to dress up and do a little dance today, or a the least get in the kitchen and clap two pot lids together.

Where would you like to see Gurple? In your classroom?

Please contact if you’d like to purchase Gurple the Purple Dragon greeting cards.


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