INK – Illustration Friday

This week with Illustration Friday the theme is “Ink”.

My inspiration came from Nose Hill Park, where I visit every day to stay healthy, mentally and physically. This natural park area is 11 square kilometers, a vast amount of wildlife live there including birds.

Every Fall season, Crows migrate south, and there are huge congregations of them that meet on the hill. It seems that the Magpies can be very curious about their travel plans and try to slip into the murder of crows unnoticed. But, really crows know their kind and usually scream at the crow want-a-be to get out.

It is fascinating to watch, and create stories like I did here with the Magpies  spilling or dripping ink onto each others to camouflage their beautiful coloured feathers, in order to slip into the black crowds of crows.

Magpies trying to disguise themselves as Crows.

Magpies trying to disguise themselves as Crows.

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My pen & ink drawings are on 9X12 white sketch paper.

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Prize – Illustration Friday

Theme for this week with Illustration Friday is PRIZE

Illustration Friday and Susan Fae - Prize

The song that adds colour to the world is a true PRIZE.

Prize by Susan Fae

 This song bird has attracted an audience of many different birds from the city.

The PRIZE song.

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Mermaid – Illustration Friday

Last weeks theme “Mermaid”

Illustration Friday

mermaid by Susan Fae Art

Something is fishy about a woman with fins. This is my entry for this weeks theme, more work to be done on Mermaid.  More to come….

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Villain – Illustration Friday

Cedar Waxwings are masked Villains


I love Cedar Waxwings they travel in flocks or Gangs in this case.


I never finished this drawing, it takes time to include all the gang members working away at clearing the berries off of a Mountain Ash tree.vilian

Every Friday I post a drawing based on Illustration Friday‘s theme.

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OLD – Illustration Friday


OLD growth Forest with a New Song

Every week Illustration Friday puts out a new theme for Illustrators to be motivated by, this week it was “old”. I have no idea how to draw an OLD bird (that being my thing) other than jokingly putting my face into an illustration.

OLD forest slipped into the background of these lovely Song Birds.

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WORK – Illustration Friday

September 4, 2015  ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY


Working Birds building a home.

Working Birds building a home.



You’ve heard of the term “worker Bee” but have ever observed birds building a nest? They work!

Birds will work in teams and build multiple homes in a short period of time, their nests are amazingly strong because of the intricate design and use of materials. They build multiple nests for the same reason humans look at many home before deciding which one to buy; is it in a friendly neighbourhood, are there grocery stores near by, safety and so on.

My submission for the WORK theme is based on my studies of birds and their movements, they use their feet and beaks to manipulate small objects, they communicate in a quiet yet efficient way.

Comments are welcome.

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Bead Bugs with Picture Frame wire

Sometimes you just want to have fun!

Fidgeting with picture frame wire, twirling it and making funny objects with it and sometimes creating with colourful beads.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This summer my creative inspiration comes from a wonderful person by the name of Vita (Life) living up to her name she puts a lot of zest and excitement into designing FUN.

These BEAD BUGS; worms, lady bugs, dragonflies and bees are all connected with picture frame wire and a lovely selection of beads and buttons.

Designing, is a process of playing and trying different ideas, seeing how things may work out. With the Blue Bug; repetition of colour and same beads for the feet captures the character of the bug. Bee Bracelet is about colour and pattern, alternating black and yellow.  Lady Bug, has texture (like in the butt) and colour combinations that blend, with wire legs.

It’s nice to know that there is always a willing spirit out there that will inspire me to play.

*Did you know that picture frame wire comes in different weights? 20lbs 30lbs, etc. the more wire or copper strands on the braided wire creates strength.

*Also, picture frame wire is protected by plastic coating, making it easier to play / work with.


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PEOPLE – Illustration Friday

August 28 2015 – Illustration Friday theme PEOPLE



With the RAIN and SUN this Summer PEOPLE have been using the umbrella whether (Weather) for the down poor of water or to keep the heat off of the PERSON. People are the only creatures that use this tool for weather conditions, it may be considered a disguise or camouflage to the birds.

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Papier-mâché with children – Bird Art

Three Session Art Class For Young Artists

SESSION ONE-Forming a bird

You’ll need;

  • a roll of toilet paper, or tissue paper
  • flour and water with bucket
  • whisk (from the kitchen)
  • two small balloons
  • stiff card paper for tail and wings
  • masking tape

Children love these materials, even adults young at heart. Be prepared to get a little messy.

First, blow up the balloons, one for the head and one for the body, colour doesn’t matter. Then mix the flour and water in a deep bucket, this allows the children to mix and blend the paste with “splashing” allowed.

Use masking tape to attach the head, body and tail together. Then dip the tissue into the paste (1 cup flour, 3 cups water) and layer onto the balloons. Children will slop it on, soaking the ground they are working on, creating outdoors with paper mache is much easier for clean up.

Let dry in a safe and dry place for a week, you may need a few objects to prop the bird up as it dries.

SESSION TWO-Paint the bird and add wings

You will need;

  • bird books for ideas and discussion
  • outdoor discussion on bird camouflage
  • acrylic paint, and iridescent clear paint
  • paint brushes, a variety of sizes
  • card paper for wings
  • tape

Children are naturals in colour mixing, they love the variety. When painting the bird discuss the nature of the subject; environment, colour and sound. Adhere wings to the bird with tape, these are simple steps the children can do on their own.

So far the children have made many decisions on their own, the display of tools and supplies offer opportunity to try new things.

SESSION THREE-Details on the bird

Be prepared with a tool box of hand tools children will recognize.


  • small hammer and one big nail
  • hand drill with large drill bit
  • feathers with thick quill
  • wire feet, make before class
  • buttons for eyes
  • clay for adding to bird body
  • glue

This is the session where you discover who enjoys three-dimensional and creative building. Drilling holes, the adult assistant will hold the hand drill and the child can turn the drill bit, putting a hole into the paper mache. With the hammer & nail, the adult holds the nail while the child taps the nail into the body creating holes for the feathers.

Wire in this case was used for antennas (young artist design), the hole in the body secures the wire and feathers, and whatever else kids find that works. Add a little glue to the end of the quill or wire so that once it dries it helps to secure the accessories.

The artist responsible for this masterpiece is four years old.

She was so pleased with the mixing and blending in the first session that she made time to make a Paper mache cake with balloons and flower pedals mixed with paste and tissue. it was lovely.

The second session went by quickly as she loved bird watching and flipping through a picture book of birds. Painting the bird was an easy and familiar process even though the whole bird wasn’t quit covered by paint. Big paint brushes will help with the full coverage of the painted bird scenario.

Third session, LOVED by all as the toolbox was slowly opened by the small hands. Discovery was the key to this lesson. The wire feet poked through the holes, once familiar with the concept, feathers and wire were added.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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HEART – Illustration Friday

Life with Heart


Susan Fae Art 2015

Pen & ink drawing by Susan Fae

Heart shaped leaves are energy for active birds.

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