Heroic – Theme of the Week


This is Charlie my Super Hero.

Charlie and I are members of PALS  he is considered a Therapy Dog. The organization recently put out the question to members asking “If your dog or pet had a super power, what would it be?”

My answer was “Charlie  could save a lovable stuffie (plush toy) in a single bound”you know! like super man/dog.

The Heroic dog illustration  represents Charlie’s unconditional love and eternal smile. Along with his enthusiasm for the outdoors, especially in Spring like weather.


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STOMP – word of the week

“Stomp” was Illustration Friday‘s work of the week.

Have you ever noticed that when a child is stomping around in puddles that they look down, maybe, excited for the anticipated change of currant.:)

  • Illustration #1 – Conqueror
  • Illustration #2 – Fashionable Sound Engineer
  • Illustration #3 – Committed

How will you choose to splash in the puddles?


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Mischief – word of the week

Illustration Friday‘s word of the week “mischief”.

What inspired me? Well, the weather & BIRDS!

Yes, I know, not a surprise that birds are involved, it’s the Chinook weather that brought out the choirs of birds; socializing and chatting, it’s like Spring in Calgary. The Chinook winds make sure that we keep our toques on, to keep the wind from whistling through our ears.

Watching the children play in the park with loosely fit clothing yet still wearing their toques and mitts made me smile as I listened to the music from the bird choir.


Birds are resourceful and are opportunists, even though they would never be this brave it is fun to imagine.


one parent wants to prepare for a new family and build a nest out of the new found material.


The other parent bird likes the Human fashion, birds can mimic and imitate us humans very well.


please feel free to comment on my pen and ink drawing.

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Colour Sound in pen & ink

Sound was the theme for last weeks Illustration Friday

Though we all know how birds love to make noise / sounds, I continued with my Raven theme of birds but once I did that I added a little bit of Colour. The bird is LOUDER with colour, don’t you think?

susan-fae-art-pen-ink-sound     sound-susan-fae-art

Black reflects a lot of colour and it radiates beauty.

Have you ever heard of White noise? Well I wanted to display the opposite, making a loud SOUND from the already known noise maker.

susan fae art @ gmail .com

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Talk – catching up with friends


The word or Theme for this weeks entry for Illustration Friday.

I was recently in Banff Alberta on a day vacation, just enjoying the mountains. These resident Ravens seemed to be comfortable in the snow, no need to fly south when there is enough food and shelter year round. The locals told us how smart these birds are, the bookstore guy said that they beat him in a chess game. Not surprised these crazy, big birds.

Ravens are known to be quite chatty, that is why I drew or doodled these talkative birds.

My entry piece.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Ravens.

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The making of – SPRING Batik

“Spring” batik began in the Spring, once the weather was warm enough, I went outside with my canvas of fabric and wax.

I belong to a textile art group called “Contextural” one of our ambitious members (Sharon Hogg) organized an exhibition of traditional fabric/textile art from the the 1970’s with our recent contemporary art.

Much of the Batik and printmaking from the 70’s was inspired by nature, it was easy for me to catch on to the theme especially since birds were a common theme.

The stretch bars that I drape the fabric over for painting the batiks onto  were made to fit the inside of my french doors.  The 1970’s art was colourful and practical, it was meant to be seen and used. That is why I made the SPRING  batiks to work as drapes for my brightly lit windows. As you can see they look like stain glass, I love it!

The Robins were inspired by the regular visits from a family that had a nest near by and the threads weaved themselves in and out of the colours and birds. I chose the primary colours for the threads, since the Purple, Green and orange wax colours were already taken. Nice to have the rainbow of colour in the art.

The exhibition was a success and I was thrilled with the response that I received from the SPRING batik. So much so that I thought that I’d photograph the batik and make copies onto fabric, clotho.ca. Well, silk sounded lovely and it was on sale, that’s what I ordered, though next time I’ll try it on cotton or linen, that would be closer to what the originals are made from.

Silk came back vibrant and very translucent. Even though the detail doesn’t really show up, the colour does  especially when you hold it up to light. Can you find the image in this collection that is the real batik? Making reproductions from fabric to fabric isn’t as easy as to paper but I’ll try again, then eventually everyone can have their own SPRING batik or you can always make your own.

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A Close up of Fall – Batik

So it begins, the story of how FALL my batik began.

I taught a batik workshop with Dana Bush last FALL and had a wonderful experience, the participants were so enthusiastic and ready to experiment and learn so were we.

It was a beautiful day, the weather was warm enough to work outside, the leaves were yellow and very inspiring.

We talked a lot about the seasonal yellow with blue sky which inspired a few. Once I got home to my own backyard, I couldn’t wait to pull out all of my yellow crayolas.


Now that I’ve set you up for the landscape, here is what happened once the colour was finished.

My dog Charlie and I tend to walk Nose Hill Park almost every day, especially in the Fall, we don’t want to miss the excitement of the Crows planning their migration.

We were enjoying our walk and talk with the other naturalist and visitors to the park, we were mostly chatting about dogs and the loud clouds of crows flying into the groves of yellow leaved trees. It is a mystical feeling and an amazing experience.

WHEN all of a sudden Charlie takes off…….. if you know Charlie he’s not a big dog and a bit of a slow poke, so to have him dash away from me so suddenly, it put me into a panic.

A herd of deer were crossing over the hill in the lovely, low lit, sunset and Charlie’s wild dog instincts kicked in, I don’t think that he even knew what they were. I went running after him yelling “COME” “STAY” “DOWN” but with all the crows calling to their own and the vast area I don’t think anyone heard me.

I caught up to Charlie who was sitting in the tall grass wondering where did those big wild animal things go? Just to let you know, they were leaping over him, a very confused and happy dog, and me lucky to still have Charlie. I crouched down next to him leashed him up, that’s when the deer figure something was odd and started to shy away from us.

The interesting thing about deer is that they leap over the human path, us humans tend to prefer the deer paths. Hmm


That is where my crow linocut carvings came in.

After the crows flew south I found a few crow feathers on the paths and they worked their way into the batik as well.


Isn’t it wonderful how the light comes through the batik, you can’t always see the detail of the linocut crows or the threads stitched throughout the fabric but the over all impression of stain glass look and colour is what’s important.

* With the amount of wax I put onto my fabric there is no chance of ever being wax free as it would in traditional batiks. BUT if you ever need creative rain gear this technique would be very fashionable for the outdoors.

Inspired by nature.

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Inspired by Nature – Susan Fae Art


Last weekend I had a talk and exhibition at the library it was a great opportunity for me to hang my batiks and photograph them.

I’m not a traditional batik artist, I use melted crayons for wax resist which is enhanced by the fabric dye. During the summer and early fall I spend a lot of time outdoors painting coloured wax onto cotton sheets.

One King size sheet (or queen size) cut in half will make two panels. The panels tell a story.

SPRING – the two purple/pink dyed ones have a liner or backing because they hand in front of my well lit french doors, they look like stain glass during the sunset hours. You may notice the threads and birds those details are for the next blogs.

FALL – the two yellow, orange and red panels with blue bottom. Yellow crayons aren’t as abundant as the cool blues and greens but they do make a stunning appearance. The threads and crows are the details that will be introduced next blog.

NIGHT GALAXY – two dark panels that hang like a canape. A flash light and good book at bedtime will be a relaxed night adventure for kids young and old.

Stay tuned.



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The Mask that Sang by Susan Currie

I Studied Art History, and Cultural Anthropology what a lovely book to share with all ages.

Children's Books Heal

mask-that-sang-518kxm1cjsl__sx346_bo1204203200_The Mask that Sang

Susan Currie, Author

Second Story Press, Fiction, Sep. 6, 2016

Suitable for Ages: 9-12

Themes: Bullying, Native American heritage, Family Relationships, Orphans, Residential Schools

Opening: Faster, faster! Cass kept scrambling past garbage cans and over cracked pavement, although her legs were dead stumps and her lungs screamed. The boys were close behind her, the same four who chased her home every day.

Book Synopsis: When Cass Foster’s estranged grandmother unexpectedly leaves her house and savings to Cass and her mom, it’s just the thing they need to change their lives. Cass is being bullied at school, and her mom just lost her job—again—so they pack up and move in. With the gift come more questions than answers for Cass.  Why is her mom reluctant to live there? Why was this relative kept so secret? Why won’t her mother read the sealed letter from her…

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Dog Park – Gurple at Play


Gurple the Purple Dragon spent the weekend playing with friends at the dog park.

Gurple loves to run and jump with her playful friends, these four, four legged friends enjoyed the game of fetch with Gurple.

Would you like to see Gurple the Purple Dragon in a special environment, please feel free to comment or send a note to her at susanfaeart@gmail.com.


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