Reframe History via Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing has come along way in improving the longevity of your framed art. If you see a change in your art that is under glass it is a good idea to get things updated.

Original art is not only a financial investment it holds sentimental value, it would be a shame to have it deteriorate right in front of your own eyes. You may remember getting your art custom framed by a professional many years ago, however time has given the picture frame industry superior products to protect your art. Products like; conservation, archival mat boards, acid free foamcore, museum glass and even quality wood frames that will hold everything together securely.

Here is an example of a beautiful work of art that was custom framed possibly 30-40 years ago. The owner noticed that the art work was fading and asked if I would put Museum Glass on it.

Once the picture frame was dismantled we found that; masking tape was used instead of archival acrylic corners to hold the art, and that the art had been mounted onto cardboard not archival mat board or foamcore. Cardboard ages paper quickly and masking tape is meant to be temporary not permanent.

reframe without cardboard

Cardboard is now replaced with acid free foamcore, wire is replaced with a plastic coded wire, and finishing nails are replaced with glaciers or stainless steel brads.

reframe art to learn about the history

Some of the paper art has deteriorated, and we discovered information on the art as well by re framing this art piece.

Replace water stained mat

Old mat had a water stain on it and was not archival, it’s been replaced with cotton/rag mat which will help prevent aging or yellowing.

Reframe to replace old glass with Museum Glass

We used the original frame to save on expenses and put museum glass on which has a UV coating on it like eye glasses.

Revisiting sentimental memories can be a rewarding experience. Finding information you had forgotten or didn’t know about may improve the investment on your art.

For more information on re-framing your art please contact Susan Fae at


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Dragon – Illustration Friday

It is almost five years ago that “Gurple the Purple Dragon” was born.  I always wanted a pet dragon so I created my friend GURPLE, but I haven’t seen her for four years until today when I wanted to participate in Illustration Friday’s theme.

SUSAN FAE ART  Gurple the Dragon

Today Gurple had to light Birthday candles for friends and is just putting out her fire breath, leaving charcoal coloured teeth.

Hey! pretty clever of me to put her fancy pointy tail  on the crease of the sketch book, eh! That way she can flip her tail to close the book:)

“Dragon” lives on land, air and water hence her; limbs, wings and scaled body, she has a few fins somewhere on her body too.

Susan Fae Art Illustrations

Susan Fae illustration Gurple the Purple Dragon

Love SF

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Orbit – Illustration Friday

Orbit 1 by Susan Fae ArtOrbit by Susan Fae Art

Hello  I’m back at it with the illustrations and the “Illustration Friday” themes this week it was “Orbit” . The King Fisher Dreaming of the Orbiting Fish, tip of the tail to the tip of the head.

However, my first thought was to sketch a Meadow Lark, I felt the song would resonate the impression of orbiting sound waves but ah, King rules.

See you next week with “Smart”

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Bouquet – Illustration Friday

A few weeks ago I opened my drapes early in the morning to witness three skunks moving towards my backdoor where I stood inside. A sense of hush and stillness came over me.  I observed these musketeers investigate my yard and deck, probably for a cozy winter home.

So glad that I refrained from opening the door or knocking on the glass. Though these skunks didn’t leave an odor, I thought that a floral air freshener was still a nice idea.

Susan Fae Art

Bouquet – of skunks or a floral bouquet


The colourul bird is meant to brighten up the silence in the air.

susan fae art

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ADVENTURE – Illustration Friday

This weeks theme ADVENTURE –

Susan Fae Art

Pull in the colour and adventure for life.

The Fall season in Calgary has been spectacular, lovely weather. I spend much of my time on Nose Hill, observing life and with the Halloween season here I thought that a bit of Nature and child like behavior would document the ADVENTURES that I’ve been having this Fall.

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STUFFED – Illustration Friday

This weeks theme “stuffed” with Illustration Friday.

I usually FEEL stuffed from thanksgiving dinner and my dog Charlie loves his STUFFIES (plush toys). However for the past week I’ve been stuffing bags with Fall leaves, and my friend and I got talking about the personalities of Roosters. So here they are a Stuffed bag with a Rooster Strutting his stuff.

Stuffed Illustration Friday Susan Fae Art

Rooster Susan Fae Art

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STAR – Illustration Friday

Star by Susan Fae Haglund

Star is the theme of the week, Illustration Friday, I’ve been a little slow at getting it up and out but here they are my Northern Flickers, five pointing beaks with a five pointed star. Though they aren’t night birds their formal black velvet like necklace and their splash of red on the back of their neck along with the striking beaks made me think of the evening STAR.

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INK – Illustration Friday

This week with Illustration Friday the theme is “Ink”.

My inspiration came from Nose Hill Park, where I visit every day to stay healthy, mentally and physically. This natural park area is 11 square kilometers, a vast amount of wildlife live there including birds.

Every Fall season, Crows migrate south, and there are huge congregations of them that meet on the hill. It seems that the Magpies can be very curious about their travel plans and try to slip into the murder of crows unnoticed. But, really crows know their kind and usually scream at the crow want-a-be to get out.

It is fascinating to watch, and create stories like I did here with the Magpies  spilling or dripping ink onto each others to camouflage their beautiful coloured feathers, in order to slip into the black crowds of crows.

Magpies trying to disguise themselves as Crows.

Magpies trying to disguise themselves as Crows.

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My pen & ink drawings are on 9X12 white sketch paper.

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Prize – Illustration Friday

Theme for this week with Illustration Friday is PRIZE

Illustration Friday and Susan Fae - Prize

The song that adds colour to the world is a true PRIZE.

Prize by Susan Fae

 This song bird has attracted an audience of many different birds from the city.

The PRIZE song.

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Mermaid – Illustration Friday

Last weeks theme “Mermaid”

Illustration Friday

mermaid by Susan Fae Art

Something is fishy about a woman with fins. This is my entry for this weeks theme, more work to be done on Mermaid.  More to come….

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