Having Fun With ART & FRAMING


These brightly colour frames are great to enhance a cheerful painting.

These Roma frames come in a variety of colours; shimmering Green, Red, Orange, Blue to name a few. They are reasonable in price, being that it is a smaller and a simpler profile, however the shiny lacquer is very special.

The artwork is done by seven year old Sam, who went to a birthday party where he made this art. The paper, from what I understand was taped to a wall, each child getting their own paper and syringes filled with paint. SQUIRT! Sound like FUN?

The person next to Sam had purple as one of the colours, you can see a few spots of purple that escaped from his neighour’s syringe.

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Sherlock Bones and the Missing Cheese – Children’s Book Review

By Susan Stevens Crummel illustrated by Dorothy Donohue

This story is based on “The Farmer in the Dell”. Stevens Crummel has created a playful tale based on a few fables and novels, including “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and Sherlock Holmes.

The Dog theme did  catch my eye on the bookshelf but the art or illustrations really impressed me. Donohue could be considered a fibre  artist, with her pieces of fabric and textured paper, the element of 3D and a tactile sense is created on the storybook pages. I’d like to give the photographer for the illustrations a pat on the back for helping to implement the unique quality of Donohue’s work.

This story is fun for the whole family because of the familiar play on the characters even the song Farmer in the Dell. The illustrations are investigative for me, I enjoy trying to decipher what type fabric she used for the images, especially the buildings.

Fibre art is something that I am personally working on now, along with a few dog sculptures made from papier mache. I’ve conveniently made children book reviews and illustrations part of my inspiration for my own art making.



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Framing Original Canvas Art – Canvas Part III

Roma MouldingYou have a portrait of your dog on canvas and because it is so special you want to put some time and effort into the display for it.

There are options on how to display a work of art, one being to leave it unframed and hang it on a coloured or painted wall. Depending on how large it is this option will work. Larger canvas art is often fine without a frame, though it may seem unfinished without a frame.

Second there is the float frame choice. The float frame suspends the canvas in the centre of the frame so that the sides of the stretched canvas will show. Float frames enhance the depth of the canvas and add a sculptural feel.gold float frameRoma Moulding (Ramino 14357062)

The next option for a canvas painting would be to frame it in a seamless linen liner and capped with a moulding that will compliment the art.canvas painting in Seamless linen linerWhite seamless liner and Roma Moulding cap Ramino (15225303)

I’d like to encourage all artists to feel good about themselves by sharing their visual language with the world by framing and displaying it.

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Digital Prints on Canvas – Stretched – Framed

Artists! If you have that FABULOUS work of ART that everyone says I’d like to have that or How much is that one? You have the opportunity to make everyone happy by getting giclees made or reproductions made onto canvas, it looks like the real thing but is not. Printing companies can help you with this process, The Art Tree can help with stretching the canvas and the framing.

giclee print

Once you have your canvas, consider stretching it onto a small stretch bar then framing it with a traditional frame with liner or a float frame. A unique idea when stretching canvas is to wrap it, meaning the canvas and image are wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bar creating a 3D effect.Canvas wrap

Another option is to frame it onto a deep 2″ stretcher bar and have it pop off the wall or sit on a table top like a sculpture.2 deep stretch bar for canvasThen the smallest of the stretcher bars is the easiest for framing, sometimes the depth of the stretcher bar effects how well the art fits into the frame.dog printRemember to ask the printer to leave a margin for the framer to work with, it’s better to have more of a border than to crop to short. You may have to pay for the extra material but it is worth the great look in the end. I edge the canvas and stretcher bar with gaffers tape.

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Canvas Art – Stretched and Framed – Part I

Canvas – Stretch Bar – Gesso – Paint or Print

Canvas is stretched onto a stretch bar, typically a raw (unfinished wood) then gesso is applied and finally an artist will create a painting onto it.

Canvas is sold by the yard at the fabric store or art supply store. You have the options of buying a pre-stretched canvas that has already been gessoed or prepared for painting. Or you can be a purist and stretch your own canvas and hand seal it yourself with gesso.

Gesso is a white or black sealant for fabric/canvas. It is a thin acrylic paint that seals the weave of the fabric so that you can paint onto it without the paint soaking into the fabric.

Stretcher bars come in various depths and widths making your canvas all the more authentic in style. For this informative blog I’ll demonstrate with the smallest of the custom make stretch bar. Once you have the; canvas, stretch bar you’ll need to stitch the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying, then tighten the canvas by using a staple gun to adhere the canvas to the bar.

Once gesso is applied and dried you are ready to paint.


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I don’t want a posh dog! – Children’s book Review

I don’t want a posh dog! by Emma Dodd


Talented author / illustrator Emma Dodd has capture my attention with yet another book of fun filled pages of dog characters, the other book Dog’s Colorful Day.

Dodd reminds us that dogs are our best friends and when one finds YOU the love never stops coming. Personalities are very important when you’re looking for a life long friend; the tilt of the head, the action in the legs, small shifty eyes and small dependant bodies are usually a good sign of what that dog may be like.

Dodd captures the characteristics of well known breeds of dogs by certain gestures but she most importantly captured our heart when the right dog snuggles into a little girls life.

You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, just like you can’t always judge a dog by it’s fur, but you can ALWAYS tell when you are LOVED and that is when you know you have found the right dog.

The illustrations are simple and bright, and to the point as the word descriptions. Dodd has cleverly illustrated texture for the itchy dog with zigzag lines and bright alert eyes, definitely a dog needing special care.

If you know of a child wanting a pet dog, I would strongly recommend getting this book.

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Small Art with BIG Heart

These business card size mixed medium art are framed in a classic wood frame. The boldness of the wood frame enhances the art. Art by Susan Faesmall art small frame

Roma Frame

light up

Picture Frames made with Roma Mouldings.

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Mogie – The heart of the house – Children’s Book review

By Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Marc RosenthalThe heart of the houseAny book about a dog has to be a good one! Especially when their portrait makes the front and back cover of the book.

Mogie is a therapy dog, or a companion for the sick children at the Ronald MacDonald house in Houston Texas. Author Appelt has taken us into a place where a dog has an incredible power to make a difference in the spirit and healing of children and their families.

Focusing on Rosenthal’s illustrations, the visual story is easy to understand through the  expressive paintings and pen & ink drawings. Splashes of watercolour for mood, pen & ink for detailing the objects and people.

To describe Mogie, Rosenthal maintains the same general golden-brown base colour, outlines the carefully placed colour with pen & brown ink. His sketch book like style is playful, very much like the main character, Mogie. Rosenthal’s illustration may also give children (who this book was made for) an idea of how they too can tell their story.

This book was both written and illustrated with the good intention of inviting play and happiness into a more serious and unique atmosphere. With that in mind the action oriented illustrations like; Mogie jumping into a mud puddle or running after a bouncing ball will up lift the spirit of a lonely or sad person.

One more thought on this story Mogie the heart of the house when you look at the colour choices used in the illustrations you’ll see that a warm yellow and a dark blue are used to enhance the mood of the story. The yellow is in Mogie, the sofa and the tree house the active spots in the Ronald MacDonald house, the blue is the dream or evening image colour, subtle and quiet tone.

My favourite page is of Mogie lying on his back with a dream like cloud above him, with an image of a boy and Mogie running.(one tone).

My book reviews are based on the visual, even though both text and the illustrations go hand in hand.

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Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France

Originally posted on jmeyersforeman photography:

Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France, copyright jmeyersforeman

  Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France, copyright jmeyersforeman  

I have been experimenting with different templates and layouts in Photoshop, gathering new skills and figuring out ways to present photos in a series that collectively tell the story better than a single image, so today I will take you back to Nantes France.  Around the city we found several art installations as we wandered around the streets, visiting historic sites and tourist attractions.  The Elsa Tomjowiak’s art installation was at the Theatre Graslin.

Elsa Tomjowiak hung long strips of painted plastic in the very large front entrance to the opera house, the colour transforms the all white hallway with a rainbow of colour that dances and moves as the sunlight changes intensity and direction through the day.

I thought these images would work well in this template. The first image is  the view of the opera house as we…

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Picture Frames for the Unique YOU

The Custom Picture Frame Industry provides the greatest colour and design choices for your unique and special vision. I have been working with fibre artists of late and am playing around with fabric mat board and thread, adding an old collection of stamps to make a unique collage.

My PLAY is with the resources in the picture frame studio and then things found in my art studio. Where I find the true EXCITEMENT is when I complete the project with a PICTURE FRAME.

The unique frames in the gallery are Lavo from Roma moulding and Jepara from Larson and Juhl. The Lavo frames sparkle with colour and reflections of light, they’re rich with colour and enhance any work of art. The Jepara, holds a genuine Capiz shell, it is natural simplicity with elegance.

If you enjoy what you do and would like to present it with style please consider custom picture framing. Susan Fae,  thearttree.biz


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