Meditative Threads made into ART – Susan Fae Art

Where do the birds come from? They just come out of me when I create, I cut the bird shape free-hand from the suede mat board and applied it to a collection of pieced together fabric mattes. These are a collection of ideas made into a meditative art works using a sewing machine with colourful threads, adding other small objects that are close at hand. The time flies by when I’m at the sewing machine.

The bits and pieces are fun to assemble into a larger piece of art.Work in progress susan fae art

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Small Sketches or Doodles have Appeal

A Friend – A Bird – A Memory

Many years ago my good friend Lorne knew how much I liked birds so he did a few sketches of the birds outside his kitchen window and gave me one. I was so charmed by  the pencil sketch that I had to frame it.

framed bird on shelf the art tree

Small things matter.

Lorne's bird

Small family heirlooms have BIG stories and Great impact on history when shared with others. This season frame something special.

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Art as a gift – frame or not to frame

The ART of giving ART.

In preparation for the busy picture frame season I’d like to put a few gift ideas out to you.

Artists, framing your art and giving it as a gift is a sentimental and practical thing to do for family and friends. Part of the gift is your experience in designing the frame and giving your talents to someone you care about. If you choose to leave it up to the receiver to frame your art it may stay in storage until the person has time to frame it. The best way to insure that your art is represented well is to; give it to someone who cares and present it in a way that is ready to hang.

Parents, framing your child’s art as gifts is a fun way to build up the confidence in your family and to share something special rather than just a school photo.

Professionals, framing a gift for a college or your boss is a great way to ensure a unique and quality memory. The work place is where you may want to honour colleges with a framed metal or a photo of the project the team completed.

Corporate gifts

Mirror Image Photography Michael Interisano

Not to frame art is when it is for tourist and you have volumes of the same one. Not to frame is when you are travelling a long distance with stacks of art.

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papier mâché dogs by Susan Fae (ACAD) Calgary

Charlie! papier mâché dogs

Charlie rolling around the papier mâché dogs in the park close to Nose Hill Park Calgary

This summer was busy with making dogs out of papier mâché in between work and play I seem to have come out of this summer with a pack of dogs, eight papier ones and one very happy real one, Charlie.

Summer residency display of "The Pack"

Summer residency display of “The Pack” LRT window Alberta College of Art & Design

The Pack will remain as a unit and travel to various Veterinarian Clinics and Pet Therapy programs as well as encourage students to create their own PET.

The idea of this project was to develop a curriculum where children or young adults develop the responsibility of caring for a project and in this case creating a PET. The design takes time, the progress building and sculpting of the paper and paste can be methodical then knowing when to stop is important.

Once the dog or cat has been formed the project shifts to building personality by adding handmade art or craft to the dog. Adding a crocheted dog collar or adding texture of fabric to the body or tail, creates your unique PET.

One way of getting yourself started is by telling your friends and family that you’ll need; tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls. After a few hundred cardboard rolls and boxes you’ll want to hurry up and make something in order to satisfy your suppliers. Oh, and remember to tell the family and friends that your collecting or project is finished otherwise you’ll have a studio of paper supplies.

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Make it Simple and Small for the Season

4X5 Cameras weren’t considered small but 4X5 frames are. The Art Tree has made a collection of frames and continues to expand it’s array of colourful mini mats for the Fall season.

Artists and home designers will enjoy these fun and easy to use frames and mats as gifts.


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Once upon a northern night – Children’s Book Review

Once upon a northern night

Author Jean E. Pendziwol Pictures by Isabelle Arsenault

This book is written and illustrated as a poem, it flows with creativity. The title of the book is repeated throughout, reminding us that we are in the Northern hemisphere where snow does magically appear brightening our landscape.

Summer isn’t quite over and there is sure to be a lot more sun filled days before the “sparkling specks of white, crowding and floating, tumbling down to the welcoming ground” appear, as Pendziwol describes snow without even mentioning the word.

In preparation for the Fall season and on the hunt for art inspiration, I found this lovely book Once Upon a Northern Night a perfect solution to my mission. The illustrations are a sophisticated black and white mixed medium art; possibly collagraph, pencil and watercolour.

The poetic story of how nature remains awake as we or YOU lay sleeping comfortably in your downy blanket. The words are as if a parent is singing a lullaby to you and the illustrations have a quietness about them (if there is such a thing). Black and white with soft shapes of trees and animals allows us to believe that all is safe and that there is a dance going on without people in it.

Enjoy! This is a TRUE Canadian book. I love it!

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Art and Framing – Silk screen & fabric

Always frame for the art – the Picture Frame enhances the art.

The colourful fabric is framed in a neutral linen liner and decorative frame, the fabric was stretched by using stainless steel pins on foamcore. The skull print “my head is swimming” is stretched over a deep canvas and attached into a float frame. Two unique ways to feel the sense of the fabric and display it in a professional way.

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The Pack – 8 Papier-mâché Dogs

The Pack by Susan Fae Haglund

The Pack by SFH

The Art of creating with paper, water and flour.

This pet project was created with the intent of using it in an art curriculum. Planning the Papier-mâché design takes the major of the time, even at that things change as the subject alters in shape and size. The project is meant to develop into a personal documentation of the artist’s growth in knowledge of different art experiences.

The Pack

The subjects grow in character by adding a handmade crocheted collar, or hand printed fabric. The practice of hand building and creating a pet that you attend to on a regular bases will build confidence in the visible learner.

Please stay tuned as “the Pack” captures the attention of the public.Me

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Having Fun With ART & FRAMING


These brightly colour frames are great to enhance a cheerful painting.

These Roma frames come in a variety of colours; shimmering Green, Red, Orange, Blue to name a few. They are reasonable in price, being that it is a smaller and a simpler profile, however the shiny lacquer is very special.

The artwork is done by seven year old Sam, who went to a birthday party where he made this art. The paper, from what I understand was taped to a wall, each child getting their own paper and syringes filled with paint. SQUIRT! Sound like FUN?

The person next to Sam had purple as one of the colours, you can see a few spots of purple that escaped from his neighour’s syringe.

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Sherlock Bones and the Missing Cheese – Children’s Book Review

By Susan Stevens Crummel illustrated by Dorothy Donohue

This story is based on “The Farmer in the Dell”. Stevens Crummel has created a playful tale based on a few fables and novels, including “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and Sherlock Holmes.

The Dog theme did  catch my eye on the bookshelf but the art or illustrations really impressed me. Donohue could be considered a fibre  artist, with her pieces of fabric and textured paper, the element of 3D and a tactile sense is created on the storybook pages. I’d like to give the photographer for the illustrations a pat on the back for helping to implement the unique quality of Donohue’s work.

This story is fun for the whole family because of the familiar play on the characters even the song Farmer in the Dell. The illustrations are investigative for me, I enjoy trying to decipher what type fabric she used for the images, especially the buildings.

Fibre art is something that I am personally working on now, along with a few dog sculptures made from papier mache. I’ve conveniently made children book reviews and illustrations part of my inspiration for my own art making.



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